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Combed Yarn Cut Fleece Reversible Bathrobe

Custom Combed Yarn Cut Fleece Reversible Bathrobe Wholesale - Jindian Suppliers China Factory Supply combed yarn cut fleece reversible bathrobe at manufacturer price,get a quote now!

We offer a personalization service to customize bathrobes according to your needs and preferences. You can choose from different colors, sizes and styles to suit your unique needs.

We can also embroider or print your brand logo, hotel LOGO or personal name on the bathrobe according to your requirements. Personalization makes your bathrobe unique and expresses your personality and taste.

Our custom bathrobes are reversible, one side is combed yarn for softness and comfort for summer, and the other side is shearling for warmth and comfort for winter.

This double-sided design makes the bathrobe more practical, and you can enjoy the most comfortable feeling no matter in warm summer or cold winter.

The design of the double-sided bathrobe also increases its sense of fashion and diversity, meeting the needs of different seasons and occasions.


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