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Satin Embroidered Hotel Brand Logo Towels

Custom Satin Embroidered Hotel Brand Logo Towels Wholesale - Jindian Suppliers China Factory Supply Satin Embroidered hotel brand LOGO Towels at manufacturer price,get a quote now!

Our custom service is very simple, you only need to provide your LOGO or brand logo design files, our professional team will design and embroider the face scarf for you. We'll make sure that every face towel meets your expectations and is flawless in quality. Our custom platinum satin embroidered hotel logo face scarves will add unique style and brand value to your hotel.


We offer a variety of color and size options to meet your customization needs. You can choose colors that coordinate with your hotel décor, or that echo your brand identity to demonstrate your brand consistency and professional presence. Our face towels are also available in custom sizes to your specifications, ensuring a perfect match for your hotel needs.


The product complies with the OEKO-TEXSTANDARD 100 ecological environmental protection textile product standard, you can rest assured to buy

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