Fujian Jindian Textile Co., Ltd.

Company Information

       Fujian Jindian Textile Co., Ltd. was founded in 2006,It is a brand enterprise specializing in hotel linen, hotel linen, hotel bedding research and development, design, production and sales services. The company is committed to providing overall linen for hotels and hotels Supporting solutions, together to create an elegant and comfortable luxury experience for customers.

       After more than ten years of development, the cmpany's business has spread all over the world, and its products are exported to Europe, America, Japan, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other countries. The company adheres to the concept of integrity-based and service-oriented, integrates various resources and wisdom inside and outside the industry, conducts in-depth research on program configuration, personalized design, washing consultation, use and maintenance, etc., and is committed to becoming the industry's best overall solution Experts in solutions to create maximum value for customers. At the same time, we continue to develop and innovate products, provide products that meet and lead customer needs, and constantly correct and optimize all aspects of the company's processes to improve product quality and reduce use costs for customers. The company has standard and standardized workshops and strong bedding product development capabilities. It has established cooperative relations with many star hotels such as Shangri-La Hotel, Kempinski Hotel, Hilton Garden Hotel, Jianlian Manhattan Hotel, and won the international award in 2016-2017. Towel supplier for Marathon and National Marathon Championships (Fuzhou, Taining, Wuyishan Stations). Ranked among the top 30 Chinese hotel linen brands in 2019-2021.

      We have always adhered to our service principles - accurate, timely, patient and professional, so that customers can rest assured, feel at ease, and worry free, create value for customers, and strive to become a star enterprise in the textile industry and become the preferred linen recognized by the hotel industry Supplier, let your purchase and use worry-free throughout.